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Different types of forms needed by public to apply

The requisite departmental forms are purchased from the government printing Press Punjab Lahore and Bahawalpur. The applications for registration of a society are invited on the prescribed form, which is as under.
Form of application for registration of a society

S.No.                        Particulars

1                               Name of proposed society
2                               Address to be registered
3                               Is liability limited or unlimited?
4                               Area of Operation
5                               Objects of the society
6                              If the capital is to be raised by shares what is the number and value of shares which it is proposed to issue
7                               In other cases, what is the amount of the capital it is proposed to raise by loan or deposit?
8                               Language in which the books and account will be kept.

  The loan documents are provided by the Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Ltd It is however added that the Govt. of Punjab has imposed ban on the registration of new agricultural co-operative and thrift societies since 1995.

Information about auction and sale and procedure of participate in biding.

The Government of the Punjab Finance Department has delegated powers to the officers vide letter NO. FD-(FR)11-36/79(vol-II) dated 1.10.2004 as category I,II and III to sell surplus or in-serviceable, Motor Vehicles T&P, machinery and equipment stocks through auction. The procedure of auction is also prescribed by the govt. of the Punjab, which is adhered to.

The recuritement in different grads is done according to the recuriement policy of goverment.

The perchase/ auction is done as goverment policy as laid down procedures

Announcement / advertisement regarding different issues is made in daily news paper                                 


1.    The registration of Mango Growers  Association is under process.
2.    The Madad Committee Scandle was handled in collaboration with Cooperative Deptt:

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Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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