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The Co-operative Department came into existence to promote thrift, self help and mutual aid amongst agriculturists  and   other  persons of limited means in order to bring and promote better living, better business and better methods of  production. The Co-operative movement in Multan District is basically Agri: oriented and is largely extended to rural credit to boost up Agri: production and to bring about self-sufficiency in food. The primary Agri: Credit Societies at the village level  are playing a significant role to supply Agri: inputs i.e., Fertilizer, seed and pesticides at the doorsteps of the farmers. The  loan is being provided in net cash, recoverable at the time of harvest of the crop. These societies arte also catering the credit  requirements for the purchase of tractors, tube wells Agri: machinery and Livestock, which are funded by the Punjab  Provincial Co-operative Bank Limited.


To facilitate formation and registration of Co-operative Societies.

To provide short term loans for the purpose of Agri. Inputs i.e.  fertilizer, seed and pesticide.

To provide medium term loan for the purchase of tractors and other Agri. implements.

To supervise and control the affairs of Co-operative Societies.

To arrange audit and inspection of Co-operative Societies.


· The Co-operative Societies are formed at village level with the membership of agriculturists.
· At least 10 members are required for registration of Co-operative societies under the Co-operative Societies Act 1925 and Co-operative Societies Rules 1927 and by-laws of the Society.
· General body of the society is supreme authority in respect of all matters.

The business of society is transacted through its elected Managing Body.

The maximum credit limit of each member is fixed by the society in its general meeting and thereafter on the request of society, a collective maximum credit limit is sanctioned by the Assistant Registrar concerned.

The society affiliated with the branch of the Punjab Provincial Co-operative Bank avail the loaning facility within the sanctioned maximum credit limit to meet the genuine requirements of the farmer members.
 How to apply to obtain different documents/to approve different schemes or the steps required by the public to intact with    respective department.

            The Co-operative Society is to be registered under section 10 of Co-operative Societies Act 1925, on the prescribed written application of intending members not less than ten persons. Before the registration of society concerned Inspector or Assistant Registrar make inspection at the spot and brief the intending member about the benefit of members. There are two necessary inspections with a gap of 15-days each. After the registration of society maximum credit limit of each member is to be fixed keeping in view of his land subject to the prescribed formula circulated by the Registrar, Co-operatives, Punjab, Lahore. Similarly, M.C.L. of all the members is consolidated and the department fixes M.C.L. of the society.
            Thereafter, society can be able to avail loan from the Punjab Provincial Co-operative Bank Ltd. within its fixed limit under the bank loaning policy. The society has to undergo a loan agreement with the Punjab Co-operative Bank to avail the loan facility

     Monthly progress reports

Monthly progress report for advancement of loan, recovery of loan, inspection of societies and audit of societies is submitted to Head Office Lahore and District Government regularly on monthly basis. The Department also registers the housing societies and acts as guardian of rights of general Public in this regard. In case of any dispute the department is in empowered under cooperative societies act, 1925 to adjudicate the arbitration cases/dispute between public and the societies registered by the department. This department also played a vital role in the rehabilitation of effectees of the “Madad Committee Scandal and helped in disbursement of payments to the public. This department also registers Women Credit Societies for the improvement of economic position of women to uplift their live hood.

Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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