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“Community Development” is a new term used by the National Reconstruction  Bureau, Pakistan, to create a new official set-up at the District Government level  only , with no such set-up at the Provincial level, for bringing about improvement in the quality of life of a common citizen.

 Following four (4) Departments are grouped under “ Community Development”  with an Executive District Officer as the District Head:-

1.     Cooperatives

2.     Social welfare

3.     Labour Welfare

4.     Special Education

 The functions, scope of work roles and responsibilities along with achievement of each department has given under the relevant department.

CCB projects are proposed in this office, being CCB official. 

Convener under Petroleum Rules,1971 .                                                

Chairman, vigilance committee under Dramatic Performance Act.

Authorized Officer under Cinematograph Rules 1984.

Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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