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The historical city of Shujabad and oldest Tehsil of Multan is located 45 Km in south of Multan District. River Chenab is flowing in the west of city. It is connected with all the neighboring cities by a number of matteled and carpeted Roads. The population of Town Shujabad is exceeding than six lac.
Name of the city was dedicated to Nawab Shuja Khan who was the founder of this city. It was a fort in the beginning and was constructed in 1750. Though the condition of the wall is deteriorating yet it is still in its original

position. Old city of Shujabad was protected and made secured against the invaders with the huge and high wall all around the city by the Nawab Shuja Khan.

The wall was completed in five years from 1767 to 1772. Nawab Shuja Khan was an outstanding figure at that time. He was Governor of the Punjab. He was learned, Poise and Noble personality. His tomb is located near the city.

Shujabad is famous for its quality mangos. The mango research center rendering its services and guidance to the mango growers through out the Punjab.

Shujabad TV. Booster is playing a key role for communicating and Broadcasting updates in the whole south Punjab.

City System

It is very much planed city. The arrangement of bazaar is symmetrical. There are four Bazaars with in the walled city i.e. Multani Bazaar, Rasheed Shah Bazaar, Rail Bazaar and Chotaka Bazaar. Chandni Chowk is center of all the Bazaars. There are four exits from the city i.e. Multani Gate, Rasheed Shah Gate, Chotaka Gate and Railway Gate. In the ancient time all the Gates were locked at night. Only little outlet were being used for in coming and out going.

Railway station is a little far from city at 2.5 km. Shujabad Municipal Committee was constituted in 1885. Shujabad Town comprises of 17 number of Union council.


In 2001, Rana Sohail Ahmed Noon was elected as Tehsil Nazim consistently for the second time by the virtue of New Local Govt. System. Younger brother Mr. Rana Muhammad Qasim Noon was elected as MPA and given portfolio of agricultural Marketing Minister.

Rao Khalid Saeed Khan was elected as Town Naib Nazim. He is an experienced Politation and administrator. He was elected twice as Chairman of Municipal Committee.

Malik Hassan Askari is recently transferred and posted as Town Municipal Officer. He has a long and vital experience about such administrative posts

                        During the era from 2001 to 2004 Tehsil Nazim has executed the development projects of more than Rs. 130 Million. These project included construction of   Soling, Matelling of Roads, laying Sewerage system and several important projects in Urban and rural areas. Further Jalal Pur Road to Lodhran Road Bye Pass was constructed in order to mitigate the flow of traffic. By the virtue of these projects the formers got easy access to the local market.
            Fire Brigade Service has been initiated after continuous efforts made by High Authorities. A Grant of Rs. 15 Million for different projects (which are in progress) was got approved for three Katchi Abadies of the city.
                        Asian Development Bank has allocated grant of Rs. 120 Million for Mega Projects which includes Modern Slaughter House, Waste Water Treatment Plant, improvement in the disposal, sewerage system and construction of the roads. These all projects are under process. Construction of  Ladies, Children Park, repair and maintenance of existing Park in the Housing Colony are included in the future projects to be completed through the TMA funds. In this way Shujabad Town is getting an ideal and model position in the city district Govt. of Multan.


Operation of Account of Local Fund:
                        The Town Nazim has operate the accounts of local fund of the Town Municipal Administration jointly with the Town Municipal Officer where the amount to be drawn from the account by cheque exceeds Rs. 50,000/=.
                        Provided that the Town Officer (Finance) may be authorized in writing by the Town Nazim to operate the account jointly with him in the absence of Town Municipal Officer.

Financial Power
                        The following authorized of the Town Municipal Administration have the same financial power of the category of officer indicated against that authority as given the second schedule part one power common to all departments in the delegation of financial power roles 1990 of the Govt. of the Punjab for sanctioning and incurring contingent expenditure out of local fund for items duly provided in the sanction budget.

Town Municipal Officer
                        The business of TMA Shujabad has been conducted by the Nazim, TOs, as follows: -

Regulation Branch

  1. Regulate markets and service.
  2. Issue Licenses, Permits, Grants, Permissions and impose penalties for volition thereof, as and when applicable.
  3. Management of Municipal Land, States, Properties, Facilities, Assets and Enterprises vested in the Town Municipal Administration Shujabad.
  4. Enforcement of all Municipal Laws Rules and By Laws Governing the Function of Town Municipal Administration.
  5. Prevention of encroachments on Public Lands and places.
  6. Prosecute sue and follow up Criminal Civil and Recovery proceedings against Violators of Municipal Laws in the Courts of competent jurisdiction.
  7. Regulate affixing of signboards and advertisements.

Infrastructure and Services Branch.
1.   Provision Management operation maintenance and improvement of the Municipal Infrastructure and Services including.
i.          Water Supply and control and development of water resources other than systems maintained by the Union and village councils.
ii.         Sewage and Sewage treatment and Disposal.
iii.       Storm Water Drainage.
iv.        Sanitation and Solid waste collection and sanitary Disposal of Solid Liquid Industrial and Hospital wastes.
v.         Road and Streets other than Roads filling under the jurisdiction are village council.
vi.        Traffic planning engineering and management including traffic signaling System, Signs on Roads, Street Markings, Parking places, Transports Stations, Stops, Stands and Terminals.
vii.       Street Lighting Firefighting, Parks, Play Ground, open spaces and arboriculture and Slaughter houses.
2.                  Organize Sports Cultural Recreation events fairs and shows.
3.                  Organize Cattle fairs and Cattle Markets.
4.                  Coordinate and Support Municipal Functions amongst Unions and Villages.

Planning  Branch.

1.               Prepare spatial plans for the Town in Collaboration with Union Administration including plans for Land use Zoning and Functions for which Town Municipal Administration is responsible.
2.               Exercises control over land use, land-division, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose including agriculture, industry, commerce, markets, shopping and other employment centers, residential, recreation, parks, entertainment, passenger and transport freight and transit stations;
3.               Building control
4.               Execute and manage development plans;
5.              Develop and manage schemes collaboration with District Government and Union Administration;
6.              Compile information provided by Union and village councils of prioritized projects in the Tehsil/town; and
7.              Maintain municipal records and archives;

Finance Branch

  1. Prepare budget, long term and annual municipal development programmers in collaboration with the Union Administrations under the direction of the Town Nazim.
  2. Propose Taxes, cases user fees, rates, rents, tolls, charges, fines and penalties under Part II of the Second Schedule of the Punjab Local Govt. approval of the Town Council and the same after such approval.
  3. Collect approved Taxes, Cases, user fees, rates, rents tolls, charges, penalties and fines.
  4. Management Control of Local Fund.
  5. Prepare financial statements and present them for internal and external audit in the manner as may be prescribed.
  6. Maintenance of accounts.
  7. Maintain with the assistance of the District Govt. Union and village Councils a comprehensive database and information system for Town municipal Administration and provide public access to it on nominal charges
Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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