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The majority of Provincial Departments have been devolved to District Government with the promulgation of Local Government Ordinance 2001 to decentralize the administrative and financial authority, for good governance, effective service delivery system, transparency and participation at grass root level. The District Governments have been established since August, 2001. Various Departments at District level have been grouped together for rationalizing their functioning. The District Administration comprises the District Offices including sub offices of the departments of the government decentralized to the District Government and other offices set up by the District Government grouped under Executive District Officers and coordinated by the District Coordination Officer. The Executive District Officers are working under the control of Zila Nazim and District Coordination Officer. The Local Governments established under this ordinance shall function within the provincial framework and adhere to the Federal & Provincial Laws and shall not impede or prejudice the exercise of the executive authority of the Government.


As per Government Rules of Business 2001, the District Offices have been grouped into eleven groups, Works and Services group is one of them and is the main Technical Department which comprises of District level offices of Highway, Buildings, Energy, Transport and Environment and functions under the supervision of Executive District Officer. The organizational & administrative set up of Works and Services group is shown on organogram.


The District Officer (Roads) is the incharge of Highway Division, Multan which consists of the following three Sub Divisions.

1. Highway Sub Division, Multan

2. Highway Sub Division, Shujabad.

3. Highway Sub Division, Jalalpur Pirwala.

The Deputy District Officer (Roads) is the incharge of Sub Divisional office.

The administrative and field set up is briefed on the organogram of District Officer (Roads).


Buildings Division, Multan is headed by District Officer Buildings and consists of the following three Sub Divisions.

1. Buildings Sub Division, Multan

2. Buildings Sub Division, Shujabad.

3. Buildings Sub Division, Jalalpur Pirwala.

The administrative and field set up is shown on the organogram of the District Officer (Buildings).

Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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