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Executive District Officer {Revenue} is overall incharge of the activities of this department. District officer Excise & Taxation is responsible to him. The Excise & Taxation department is functioning as assessing and collecting agency of almost all taxes and duties other than land revenue. Besides, detection of Excise Crime is also one of the primary functions of the department. There are 2 wings of Excise & Taxation Department.

   1. Excise Wing
   2. Taxation Wing

Functions Of Excise Wing

    * Detection of Excise Crime
    * Collection of Excise Duty on
          o Methylated Spirit
          o Rectified Spirit
          o Liquor
    * Administration of following Licenses
          o Distillery
          o Liquor
          o Manufacturing of Homeopathic Medicines
          o Chemical Work
          o Denatured Spirit
          o Opium Powder
          o Vinegar

Functions Of Taxation Wing

Prior to establishment of District Government 23 Taxes/ Duties were being assessed and collected by the department. As a result of abolition of various taxes and duties through the Finance Ordinance, 2000 the following taxes/ duties are now being collected and administrated by the department.

    * Property tax
    * Entertainment Duty
    * Motor Tax
    * Excise Duty
    * Tax on Trade Calling and Professions
    * Tax on Hotels
    * Cotton Fee

Other Taxes Recovered By The Excise And Taxation Department

District / Local Govt. Taxes

    * Property tax
    * Any other Local Taxes assigned by District Government.

Provincial Govt. Taxes

    * Entertainment Duty.
    * Motor Vehicle Tax
    * Provincial Excise
    * Tax on Trade Calling and Profession.
    * Tax on Hotels
    * Cotton Fee

Federal Govt. Taxes

    * Income Tax on Motor Vehicles


Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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