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He is responsible that financial management in his group of offices is carried out in accordance with law and rules. He is to prepare the development plan and propose budgetary allocations for their execution.

He is the Departmental Accounting Officer for his group and is responsible to District Accounts Committee of the Zila Council.

He is responsible to ensure that authorized system of accounts is maintained in the offices under his control.

He being the Departmental Accounting Officer will maintain liaison with the Audit Department, Finance and Budget Department of District Government and District Coordination Officer for disposal of all audit objections/paras.

All demands of funds and re-appropriation statements are forwarded by him to the EDO(F&P).


The District Officer is the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of his department in the district government and has the following responsibilities and powers.

a) He is responsible for maintenance of accounts of his department as per rules.

b) He will submit reply to audit observations advance/draft paras and get these verified/settled from the competent forum through his EDO/DCO.

c) He will forward contractor(s) bill duly verified for pre-audit and payment to District Accounts Officer.

d) As per notification issued by the Government of the Punjab, Finance Department dated 15-08-2001 mentioned under para 4.1, the District Officer enjoys all powers of Executive Engineer in Highways & Buildings so far the powers under “Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 1990” are concerned.


The Deputy District Officer Roads - Buildings (Re-designated from Sub Divisional Officer Roads – Buildings) would have the same functions, duties and powers as delegated to the Sub Divisional Officer Highways – Buildings in C&W Department.


Upto 29th June 2002 the bills were pre-audited and passed and cheques issued by the District Officer Buildings and Highways. With effect from 1-07-2002, the maintenance of accounts and performance of pre-audit functions were changed and entrusted to District Accounts Officer vide finance Department notification No.IT(FD)3-4/2002 dated 15-08-2002.

The Divisional Accounts Officer alongwith ancillary staff located in offices of District Officer (Buildings and Roads) under EDO (W&S) in District Government were relocated and placed under the Administrative control of District Accounts Officer and renamed as Assistant Accounts Officer (W&S).

All the bills after verification by the District Officer (Buildings and Roads) are now being forwarded to the DAO for pre-audit and issuance of cheques.

Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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