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The city of Multan, having a population of 1.9 Million, is spread over an area of 304 Sq. Km. WASA Multan, which was established in year 1992, has been functioning to provide water supply and sewerage facilitate to the citizens in Multan. Presently, WASA has been able to facilities 60% of the population by producing and supplying at least 31.5 million gallons of drinking water daily. People themselves by their own means are producing at least 12 million gallon water per day. In this way, WASA has to collect, lift and dispose 43.5 million gallons of sewage daily through its sewer network and Disposal Stations, which is maximum in summer months as 48 mg/D and minimum in winter months as 39 mg/D.

   1. Improvement of service level of existing Water Supply and Sewerage facilities.

   1. Extension of these facilities for entire population of the City including newly developed areas.


   1. Improvement of recovery of user charges to make it the self-financing Agency.


WASA Multan, since its creation, has been able to provide Water Supply facilities to 60 % of its population and Sewerage facilities to 55 % of its population as per latest survey of the year 2006.

   1. The sewerage system of WASA Multan comprises the sewer of diameter ranging from 6” to 72” and 1028 Km in length, 5 main Disposal Stations, Two Intermediate Lift Stations and 11 mini-lift stations installed in low-lying areas.


   1. The Water Supply System comprises distribution lines 960 Km in length ranging from 2” i/d to 24” i/d , 80 Tube wells (279 Cusecs producing capacity) and 21 OHRs with 02.35 MGD capacity.

   1. Recovery Of User Charges. WASA has made a break through in raising the Recovery from Rs. 45.607 million (in year 2002-03) to Rs. 96.272 million during the year 2005-06. Where as in corresponding years it was too low. Year wise Recovery chart since year 1996 showing the increase is attached.



   1. All shallow water sources being used by people are contaminated; at certain places Arsenic contents have been observed excessive than the permissible limits.
   2.  The existing trunk sewers are having crown failure and need replacement.
   3. The existing Pumping Machinery & allied equipments at Disposal Stations and certain Water Works has outlived its life and requires rehabilitation/ replacement.
   4. The existing Sewer and Water Supply lines being life expired cause chocking, flooding of wastewater and infiltration/ ex-filtration in water supply lines.
   5. Presently, untreated wastewater is being thrown in to irrigation canals and river. To meet the latest environment standard, wastewater Treatment Plants are required to be constructed.

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Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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