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This organization is executing Two schemes:

1. Improvement of Watercourses under National Programme.

2. Water Management Activities, Laser Land Leveling and motivation and to impart & train farmers regarding Agricultural modern techniques under District Govt.

Each component is to be completed with in financial year.

Laser Land Leveling Project


Government of the Punjab has approved the scheme entitled “Strengthening of Laser Land Leveling Services in Punjab” for provision of 1500 laser units to the farmers/service providers in irrigative area of the province during next three years (2005-06 to 2007-08) starting from 01 July, 2005. The scheme mainly aims at enhancement of water productivity at field level through expansion in Laser Land Leveling services in the province with public private partnership. As per PC-I provision the government will pay half the cost of Laser units up to a maximum Rs. 160,000/- for each unit at matching grant. It is planned to implement the scheme through existing OFWM setup of District Governments.

In the light of MOU signed between the Government of Punjab and District Government Multan, 59 Laser Units shall be provided to the farmers on 50% financial assistance basis upto a maximum of Rs.1, 60,000/- per Laser Unit over a period of three years from 2005-06 to 2007-08. The year-wise tentative plan is given as under: -

As per policy of the department under Chief Mnister programme being implemented through District Govt., 20 Laser Land Leveling units have been allotted to farmers through ballots on 50% subsidized rates.

Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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