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Programme for Improvement of Water Resources


1. Identify/ Select that water course which has not been previously improved.

2. Mobilize shareholders of the watercourses to organize W.U.A. and get it registered under OF WM and WUA Ordinance Act.1981.

3. Water Users Associations will execute an agreement with D.O.(OFWM) based on achievement of physical milestones.

4. The OF WM Staff will conduct Engineering Surveys of the Command Area and prepare design and cost estimates in consultation with WUA to be checked / verified by consultants.

5. E.D.O Agriculture or D.O Water Management will accord the Technical sanction under their competency.

6. WUA will carry out/ complete the earthen improvement of watercourse section to remain unlined. This will involve removal of trees and other vegetation from the right of way, demolishing the existing channel, construct well compacted pad and digging out new section in accordance with design.

7. After completion of earthen improvement, nakkas will be installed and culverts will be constructed as per design followed by lining of planned reaches/ sections of watercourse.Lining limits will be observed as given below:

Serial No. Zone Maximum Limits Minimum Limits
1 Fresh Water Zone 15% 10%
2 Saline Water Zone 30% 20%

8. OFWM Staff will provide technical assistance to water users association for all works. Assistant Agriculture Engineer (Field Team In charge) will make frequent visits at site to ensure field staff regularity and supervision of works according to standard and specifications.


1. WUA will open a joint account to be operated by its chairman and treasurer in a commercial bank. WUA will deposit there in cost of labour charges (20%) to be paid to the masons and semi skilled workers. The WUA will provide bank statements along with specimen signatures of chairman and treasurer to the AAE (Field Team In charge) who will forward the same to the concerned D.O. (W.M).

Break up of material and labour cost for improvement of water courses

1 Construction Material cost (Govt; share) 64%
2 Cost of Masons & Labour (Farmer share) 20%
3 Earthen improvement share -do- 16%

2. The Government funds should be ensured to be utilized for the same watercourse against which these were released. The accounts will be maintained properly for each watercourse separately.

3. D.O Water Management will transfer funds to the account of respective Water User Association.

4. The WUA will carry out improvement work and would be responsible for quality outputs according to the design and specifications under close supervision of the OFWM staff.

5. Both labour as well as Water Course material (cement, sand and bricks) including precast Nakkas would be procured by the Water User Association.

6. There will be no financial implication on the part of the project if actual expenditure exceeds the initial agreed estimated cost.

7. The farmers will contribute the entire labor cost 36% (20% cost of mason and labor + 16% earthen improvement of watercourses) as cost sharing for Improvement of Watercourses as follows


i. Demolishing and reconstruction of kacha watercourse.

ii. Excavation for the portion to be lined.

iii. Back earth filling of structures and lined section.

iv. Mason and unskilled labor.

B. Government will bear the total material cost 64% of watercourse lining.

8. Completion report will be prepared by the AAE (Field team in charge) and sent to D.O (W.M) who will arrange final verification of works through AAE/Consultants.


9. Payment to the second party (WUA) for the construction will be released by the first party (D.O.W.M). In stages as mutually agreed by the both parties in the following manner.

Ist Installment: 40% of material cost will be released on ;

i. Deposit of 50% of the contribution for mason / labour in the joint account of WUA.

ii. Completion of 40% earthen of Watercourse as per OFWM standards and specifications.

2nd Installment: 40% of the material cost will be released when;

i. At least 40% of planned civil works are executed by the WUA.

ii. WUA deposit remaining 50% stare of mason and labor in the joint account.

iii. Completion of entire earthen of Watercourse as per OFWM standards and specifications.

3rd & Final Installment: 10% of material cost will be released after;

i. Completion of entire works according to the prescribed OFWM standards and specification by the WUA.

ii. Physical verification and certification of completed works by the OFWM Field Engineer/District Monitoring committee and or consultants.

10. Payment at each stage will be made by the first party on submission of a bill for completed portion of the works through certification by the D.D.O. Site verification will also be carried out by D.O.W.M/AAE for making payment to WUA. WUA will maintain a register for all transactions and purchases made for the Improvement of Watercourses.

11. In the event of any misuse of funds by the WUA, the D.O.W.M will have the right to freeze the bank account of WUA.

12. In case of non-utilization of funds due to some dispute regarding non- provision of skilled, semi skilled labor by the WUA, the WUA will be liable to refund the unspent balance of their account to the D.O.W.M.

13. The work will be completed by the WUA in three months from the date of agreement.

14. During the execution of the scheme, if any dispute arises both parties will try to settle the problem through mutual understanding. If the same is not resolved the matter will be referred for arbitration to the E.D.O Agriculture whose decision will be final and will not be liable to challenge in any court of law.

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