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Following are the main objectives of the Agriculture Extension services in Multan district.

1.  Transmission of modern crop production technology to the growers

2.  Demonstrating new varieties and techniques by laying out demonstration plots, centers and blocks.

3.  Demonstration and training of farmers in modern horticultural techniques.

4.  Organizing Agriculture exhibitions and males.

5.  Helping farmers in taking remedial measures against pest attacks.

6.  Multiplying foundation seed for further distribution through Punjab Seed Corporation.

7.  Propagation of pedigree nursery plants of fruits at Government Farm and their distribution to growers.

8.  Monitoring of pesticides and fertilizer to ensure qualitative and quantitative supply.

9.  Monitoring of irrigation water supply.

10.  Assisting crop reporting services and other organizations in conducting survey for collection of data.

Province Punjab
Location 30.2°′″N, 71.45°′″E
Altitude 710 Feet
Area 3,721km²
Time Zone (GMT +5)
Towns 6 Towns
Population 5 Million
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