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Local Handicrafts: Multan is famous for various types of souvenirs, Multani Khussa (shoes), embroidery work of all types, thread and 'Aar' work costumes for ladies, embroidered cloths cholas or kurtas "for men" painted and glazed earthen pottery. Camel skin products, carpets  and lacquered wooden products etc. are available in the narrow colourful bazaars. Shopping Centres: Main shopping centres are Bazaar Hussain Agahi, Chowk Bazaar, Bohar Gate, Haram Gate, Delhi Gate, Lohari Gate and Pak Gate Bazaars in the old city and the Cantonment shopping areas. Costumes: The men in rural areas wear a 'Pag' or 'Patka' (turban) or sometimes a 'Kulla' White or blue waist cloth or 'Majhla', a 'Chola' or long shirt and a 'Chadar' worn over the shoulders. Amongst educated class in urban area, Shalwar-Qameez and the western dress is common. Women wear Shalwar, 'Lehnga' or 'Ghagra', 'Chola' and 'Kurta' of bright colours. Short sleeved 'Choli' or 'Kurti' is also worn in the rural areas. The head is covered with 'Bochan' or dupatta or embroidered and Phulkari chadars

As urban as any big city, Multan has this mystical aura that enriches your spirit and really brings you to think about the religious and spiritual nature of the Pakistani people.

You can go there with any amount of preconceived notions but once you've been there, you'll find that if any single city truly defines the real origins of Pakistani people, the nature of their religion, and their historical roots, it has got to be Multan


Other than that, Multan is known for its traditional hand-embroidered clothes for women and kurtas for men. Dresses are intricately hand-embroidered in small cottage industries and sold all over the country. They are second to none in the finesse of the thread, embroidery, colors and cloth. If you manage to spend all the money on clothes, and still want more, there is a Rs.100 shop right in the center of the Cantonment area, where you can get amazing stuff from housewares to children's toys, and other interesting items that are worth much more than their price. This is all proof of how urbanized and interesting this city is. 

This city, rich in religious history, is also rich in spirit, and offers a lot more than shrines. The true essence of its people is evident in the hardwork and artistic talent that they use to produce world famous pottery and exquisite hand-embroidered cloth. There is a pottery factory, known all over Pakistan and abroad, for its exquisitely painted merchandise. Blue is the traditional colour used in this painting, and you get bowls, vessels, vases, in all shapes and sizes. These are for eating purposes and decoration as well. You find tiles here as well that you can use on the walls of your s. 
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